Aduro Biotech

740 Heinz Tenant Improvement

Life sciences core/shell engineering extends to phased anchor tenant improvements.

AEI worked with Bay Area life science developer, Wareham Development, to design core and shell MEP systems for a speculative research/office space for a new four-story, 110,800 SF facility in Berkeley. AEI coordinated unknown future tenant needs with Wareham to determine appropriate infrastructure systems to serve a variety of combinations of single or multiple floor life science tenants that would require a mixture of office and R&D labs. Provisions for standby generator power, laboratory fume hood exhaust fans, future L-occupancy exhaust fan systems and gas cylinder needs were taken into consideration as were future tenant compressed air and laboratory vacuum pumping systems.


Berkeley, CA


  • DGA - Architect of Record

Building Size

110,800 sq. ft.

Aduro Biotech’s Berkeley facility houses a variety of research and development space types supporting cancer immunotherapy research.

As Aduro Biotech was identified as the anchor tenant, AEI worked with the architect to develop a series of phased tenant improvement build-outs within the building over the course of three years. Tenant system configurations were coordinated within the original design intent for the building and rooftop systems and were efficiently placed in concert with the original HVAC design. System capacity verification was an ongoing service, as well as aesthetic coordination of a largely exposed ceiling plan. The results combine critical MEP service to technical research spaces as well as functional amenity spaces for this authentic and fast-paced biotech culture.

Title 24 lighting energy limit

"The new building is a stunning — and, importantly, functional — brick structure in its own right with lots of space to accommodate Aduro's planned growth.” – Ron Leuty, San Francisco Business Times

AEI designed flexible MEP systems to meet the variety of demands ranging from molecular biology to biochemistry to cell therapy suites.

LED lighting design

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