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Designing for resilience

AEI’s Willa Kuh and Sean Lawler join Allyn Stellmacher of ZGF Architects in Medical Construction & Design’s March/April 2018 issue. They discuss the importance of Designing for Resilience—Weathering natural disaster events and changing climate. Last year ranked behind 2012 and 2016 as the third-hottest on record. Also in 2017, the U.S. sustained a record of billion-dollar weather and climate disaster events: 16. How will the healthcare design industry address this issue of increased temperatures and major weather events?

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Stellmacher, Allyn — ZGF Architects LLP

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Inpatient rooms can have double headwall capacity to provide for surge populations.

During regular operations, Teck Acute Care Centre's design elements help minimize stress through enhanced wayfinding, by evoking natural elements that help orient and provide a sense of place and regional context, and through positive distraction.