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Methods and tools for integrating resilience into comprehensive campus planning

Climate risk is no longer abstract and planners must learn how to evaluate climate risks on campuses and within host communities. Strategies for mitigating these risks can be incorporated into comprehensive plans specific to each institution's location, risk tolerance, and budget. In this session, you will learn how to access information about natural hazard event risks and gradual climate projections in your campus's region. By sharing resilience design lessons, we will give you tools for integrating resilience into campus planning and adapting strategies on a campus-wide scale.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Assess vulnerabilities facing your campus and community resulting from climate projections.
  2. Characterize climate science analysis in layperson's terms.
  3. Apply best practices for resilience planning and design.
  4. List the tools available to engage your campus community in planning for climate projections.

Session Date

07/16/18 @ 12am


Nashville, TN




Villarreal, Cindy — P&W


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