Ameya Soparkar

Mission Critical Market Leader

It is my sincere hope that I make a profound difference at Affiliated Engineers, Inc. (AEI) — that I have not only contributed to my colleagues, their collective knowledge, and corporate culture but have made a lasting impact.”

With over 18 years of industry experience, AEI Mission Critical Market Leader Ameya Soparkar specializes in mechanical engineering and data center infrastructure design, implementation, commissioning, and management. His extensive portfolio of successfully designed and delivered mission-critical facilities highlights over 120 projects spanning 35 countries worldwide.

Ameya is a collaborative leader with a proven track record in building relationships and increasing team competence, driving organic growth, and delivering results that align with organizational objectives and strategic goals. His collective focus on business planning, user engagement, and technological innovation enhances project outcomes with complex data center design that not only optimizes facility performance but continuously propels the industry forward.

Often engaged for his thought leadership and deep design expertise, Ameya speaks at a variety of conferences, serves as a non-voting member for the ASHRAE TC9.9 committee, and is a co-author to industry standards, such as the in-progress ASHRAE Liquid Cooling Guidelines Book Third Edition.