Dave Sereno


Working with global leaders’ top minds on top flight projects is a cutting-edge thrill with corresponding responsibility. Achieving success, bonds with these leaders last a lifetime. Years can pass and there’s an email looking for esoteric information, answered without hesitation, both ways. A career that creates this kind of friendship is priceless.”

Affiliated Engineers Principal Dave Sereno leads the firm’s Industrial practice and oversees U.K. operations, working with automotive, engine, and aerospace manufacturers, national laboratories, fuel and oil companies, and major research universities. He has provided leadership in master planning, programming, and design as a principal-in-charge, project manager, and mechanical engineer on literally hundreds of projects in his three decades with the firm.

Dave’s mechanical engineering expertise includes designing conventional and alternative fuels test/emissions laboratories, diesel engine assembly plants, and aerospace test facilities. His experience spans a wide range of technical projects, from large integrated production and development technical centers, to individual engine, power train, chassis, servo-hydraulic, and fuel source performance and analysis cells. He is considered a national leader in engineering-led industrial test and manufacturing facility projects, directing large safety programs and Instrumentation and Control architecture design.

Dave led the winning design competitions and the subsequent project teams of two globally significant facilities. The US DOE’s Energy Systems Integration Facility at the National Renewable Energy Lab in Golden, Colorado, was named R&D magazine’s 2014 “Lab of the Year.” The California Air Resources Board’s Southern California Consolidation facility, opening in 2021, will provide the most advanced vehicle testing in the world, in the largest zero net energy lab building in the US.