Jerry Schuett


Being a creative problem solver has defined my life, not only as a father of three children but throughout my tenure at AEI. I am thankful I found a career that allowed me to satisfy this passion.”

Being a leader of a very diverse national engineering firm requires a solid understanding of all the markets in which we practice, and the ability to balance the company focus to meet all these needs. Not only is the ability to build relationships internally and externally important, but also the ability to understand future trends and keep the company in a continuous state of renewal. This pertains not only to our company, but also applies to every project we are involved in.

Jerry Schuett joined AEI directly out of college in 1978 and worked in most markets of our practice until eventually focusing on Energy and Utilities in the late 1980’s. Jerry became a principal at AEI in 1992 in recognition of his company leadership skills and creative problem-solving ability, and has taken the E&U part of AEI’s practice to national prominence.

Jerry’s professional discipline expertise is mechanical engineering, which has been applied to numerous technically complex and large-scale district energy projects throughout the country. Innovative, reliable, and energy-efficient designs are in operation at such projects as the Stanford Energy System Innovation (SESI), National Institutes of Health Utility Plant Upgrades and Thermal Storage System, and the North Carolina State Centennial Campus Utility Plant and CHP System.