Joe Limpert


Why have I stayed at AEI for 30 plus years? The challenges, the culture, and knowing in my heart that the projects I have done have made the quality of life better for so many people.”

The challenges of my job are related to designing research facilities that push the envelope of technology within the building, while keeping the people who use the building safe and making sure they have the tools that they need to advance medicine, patient treatments, and discoveries that improve our everyday life. AEI has been my second family. We band together to produce results give us the satisfaction of knowing that we have benefited the people using our facilities.

Joe Limpert is a Science & Technology market leader in Affiliated Engineers’ Gainesville office, directly involved in growing the pharmaceutical market for the firm nationwide. Joe is known throughout the country for his leadership in designing and managing sophisticated new, renovation, and expansion facility projects for major universities, colleges, government entities, and corporations. He is an active speaker and lecturer at numerous industry conferences, addressing complex laboratory and pharmaceutical facility design issues.