Susan Koenigs

Director of Digital Practice

The market already looks to Affiliated Engineers as the high standard for building design benchmarking and performance analysis, both modeled and measured. I look forward to sharing AEI's discoveries and advances in technology with the firm's clients, project partners, and the industry at large.”

Managing technology for the AEC industry is a challenging, yet rewarding, effort. My 25-plus years of experience developing strategy, implementing solutions, and leveraging technology to serve business objectives -- and my education and early experience in architecture -- help me guide AEI toward innovative, effective solutions for our company and our clients.

There are so many reasons I love working at AEI, but the clear winner is the people: Being surrounded by intelligent, motivated and caring people that work hard, laugh a lot, and bring their best selves to work every day is inspiring.

Susan Koenigs came to AEI in early 2016 to serve as the firmwide technology leader, responsible for developing and implementing AEI’s technology vision and strategy. Her experience in managing technology for architecture and engineering firms, and her background in architecture combine to provide a unique perspective contributing to her collaborative and creative approach toward solving problems and identifying trends. She is a member of the Newforma Product Advisory Board, the Autodesk Engineering Executive Counsel, and is a board member of the AECIT Leaders group.