Willa Kuh

Director of Planning

Affiliated Engineers embraces design exploration and innovation. Our projects – from across the globe and including facilities that serve critical science and medical needs – are a platform that perfectly leverages our collaborative culture.”

As Director of Planning for the Building Performance Practice, Willa Kuh assists clients in developing their facility master plans, strategic energy plans, sustainability plans, and climate mitigation plans. She brings her campus planning experiences to Affiliated Engineers building design projects, helping to analyze project contexts to establish design goals and strategies relating to water use reduction and climate mitigation.

Willa was instrumental in launching AEI’s Water Stewardship Group, a cross-company initiative devoted to excelling at reducing water use in AEI designs. She remains active with the group and often represents its efforts at conferences and in published articles. Her urban planning perspective similarly prompted AEI’s exploration of how to provide for climate change in our designs.