Duke University

Thermal Utility Improvements

Facilitating and accommodating campus utility growth for over a decade.

AEI’s first project with Duke University was the LEED Gold certified 22,000-ton expansion of the Central Chilled Water Plant No.2. In a context of year-round 39°F chilled water output required by hospital and medical center loads, the system operates at 0.67 kw/ton, compared to 0.80 kw/ton prior to expansion.


Durham, NC


  • Flad Architects - Architect of Record

LEED Status


Since then, AEI has provided over a decade of utility engineering and associated services in support of Duke’s steady growth and expansion. Projects have included utility master planning, modifications to Central Chilled Water Plant No.1, the extension of approximately 5,000 lineal feet of chilled water, hot water, and steam distribution piping throughout the campus, and connecting buildings to the central utility system.

Currently, the academics, athletics and residential areas of campus are being converted from steam to hot water, with potential for heat recovery. AEI and Duke are working on including the heat recovery system within the newest chiller plant, which is being designed to provide over 22,000 additional tons of chilled water and 60 MMBtu of hot water from heat recovery.

Chiller Plant 2 control room.

Project Leaders