Critical Infrastructure Projects

Over 50 projects in under 10 years.

The oldest independent biotech firm in the world, Biogen transforms scientific discovery into advance in patient care, focusing primarily on neurological disorders. AEI has provided ongoing mission critical infrastructure support to Biogen’s growing preclinical analysis and manufacturing) operations. Highlights follow.

Corporate Data Center - Research Triangle Park, NC

A ten-month design, build, and commission of a new corporate primary data center in adaptive reuse space within Biogen’s laboratory and processing facility. AEI recommend the retrofit of a structurally robust wet lab in proximity to central plant power and cooling sources. The maintainable, fault-tolerant 1MW data center uses an ultra-high-density, in-rack closed cooling system with 2N in-row power distribution accommodating 550 w/sq. ft within the compact-footprint white space.

Critical Electrical Infrastructure Upgrade - Research Triangle Park, NC

Planning, design, and commissioning as the prime consultant for the upgrade of the existing campus power distribution infrastructure, completed in phases to minimize or eliminate downtime while the campus was operational. New 2N utility substation; 6 diesel generators with 4 additional in the future; new multi-story, electrical utility building housing utility and generator PLC-automated switchgears; utility pipe bridge; new service road; and, 2N, 5kV distribution to each building on campus.

Campus Critical Infrastructure Assessment - Cambridge, MA

Assessment and concept planning for all generator back-up and UPS power for eight-building Cambridge campus, including statistical reliability modeling for current and future conditions of the critical power distribution system.

Disaster Recovery Data Center - Cambridge, MA

Ten-month turnkey planning, design, and commissioning services for renovation of office and computing laboratory space into high-density data center with an equipment load over 550 watts/sq ft (N+1 redundant electrical power distribution system, modular UPS system, and in-row PDU distribution). N+1 redundant mechanical cooling system uses a dedicated modular free-cooling chiller. Chilled water closed loop distribution with redundant liquid cooling packages (LCPs), secondary to an in-rack cooling system architecture. Fire protection system consists of several VESDA detectors piped around the room as well as in-rack, coupled with redundant thermal detectors that communicates to a double-interlock preaction sprinkler system.

DP Campus Critical Infrastructure Assessment - Research Triangle Park, NC

Assessment and solutions concept planning for utility services, generator backup, and critical branch distribution, including options analysis and cost estimating for current and future conditions of the critical power distribution system.

Building 6A Generator and Service Switchgear - Cambridge, MA

Design and commissioning for a new main-tie-main, automated service switchgear and new 1.25MW generator on seventh story rooftop, including fuel storage, fill, and transportation system from ground level.

Buildings 2, 21, 22, 26 UPS Upgrades – various locations

Design and commissioning for new central UPS systems. Topology afforded multi-tier infrastructure to provide 2N, N+1, or N redundant critical power to loads of different criticality. Phased execution to minimize or eliminate downtime.

Campus Critical Infrastructure Assessment - Hillerod, Denmark

Assessment and solutions concept planning for all UPS power to six-building campus, including statistical reliability model for current and future conditions of the critical power distribution system.


Research Triangle Park, NC


  • Gensler - Architect of Record

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