Interrelated professional disciplines

Affiliated Engineers is the AEC industry's leading technical consulting firm for uniquely complex large-scale building, energy, and utility projects. In 41 years we have grown from a local engineering firm heating schools and churches in Madison, Wisconsin, to a global practice creating projects that make a difference in the world.

Some things have stayed the same. Belief in the power of collaborative achievement. Commitment to our clients’ goals and missions. Dedication to improving lives and protecting the future. And, day in, day out, an unflagging drive to find a better way.

In other words, we will not be waiting to see what the next 40 years bring. We’ll bring it.

Throughout 2018, we celebrated our 40th anniversary with volunteer events for groups ranging from Food Lifeline and Extreme Community Makeover to The Children’s Inn at NIH and Girls Place. Our individual office and employee commitments to our local communities are hands-on expressions of our professional commitment to serve the greater good of humanity.

Cone Health Systems, the first use of active chilled beams in acute care patient rooms.

AEI Tampa, with the Habitat for Humanity Restore.

AEI Chicago, supporting the Greater Chicago Food Depository.

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, at 6.5M sq ft the then-largest LEED Platinum built environment in the world.

US Department of Energy, Energy Systems Integration Facility, the first of its kind test facility for large-scale grid integration of renewable and alternative energy.

St. Anthony's welcomed our employees providing direct service to San Franciscans living in poverty.

AEI Gainesville volunteered with Alachua Habitat for Humanity to honor and celebrate our 40th Anniversary year.

University of Washington School of Medicine, South Lake Union, the first large-scale use of chilled beams in a laboratory.

Stanford Energy Systems Innovations, Engineering News-Record's Global Best Green Project ("...nothing less than a revolution in the way campuses in the U.S. can be heated and cooled.")

AEI Chapel Hill, on deadline for Habitat for Humanity of Orange County.

AEI Madison provided local wetlands habitat restoration support with Clean Lakes Alliance.

R&D Magazine has honored AEI projects with 14 Laboratory of the Year awards (Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery, 2012 Lab of the Year).

Firm Leadership

Our leadership structure is directed by an Executive Team representing our areas of expertise and geographical regions. This group meets regularly to review and align market needs and our ability to meet them.

AEI provided Electrical Engineering design services for Oregon State Hospital Junction City's rooftop solar Photovoltaic (PV) array with an output of 150kW.

Committed to Sustainable Design

Recognizing the significant impact of our work on society and the global environment, AEI brings a fundamental commitment to ensuring that our work reflects the highest standards in sustainable design practices.

2M gallon hot water thermal storage tank in the award-winning Stanford Energy Systems Innovations project's Central Energy Facility.