Opportunity with purpose.

Landmark projects and global challenges. High standards and lifelong learning. This is where we thrive, as interns, new grads, and established professionals.

From mentorship to leadership, we are passionate about our work, our clients’ missions and businesses, and projects that serve the greater good of humanity.

We see the big picture and take the long view. We apply insight and innovation to complex challenges. We are collaborative, to create whole-mission solutions. We are equally driven by ideas and ideals. Our response to new challenges: “We got this.”

If you are interested in learning more about our employment opportunities contact Diane Lee.

We’re a team environment and a professional community. Career-long learning through diverse challenges to technical expertise can begin with a summer internship.

AEI is a culture of curiosity and collaboration. We rely on one another’s experience and expertise, sharing knowledge across markets, disciplines, and offices, so individual project innovations advance our practices system-wide. At the heart of it is our internal knowledge platform, FiL.

AEI internships provide opportunities to gain significant project experience and become part of a professional community.

The AEI team is made up of more than 650 people, working collaboratively across 17 office locations.

Continuously learning, anticipating, adapting, and evolving, we offer fresh approaches to fundamental problems that better serve humanity.

Skills develop into expertise with a balance of connection and autonomy, provided with tools that anticipate needs.

AEI interns get hands-on experience teamed with senior engineers. These mentorships enrich learning opportunities with continuous access to industry-leading experts, to follow up with questions and receive productive feedback and elaboration.

AEI's Business Development Directors recently explored simulation-based healthcare education at the firm's University of South Florida project, linking the engineering behind this unique world-class facility and the user experience improving patient outcomes and reducing preventable medical errors.

Volunteer projects are essential to Affiliated Engineers' team-building activities as well as community outreach programs...

...though of course the Denver office also climbs 14ers on their team-building outings.

Madison's interdepartmental bean bag toss tournament mixed peer-to-peer networking with a humbling range of backyard gaming skills.

Annual national events support coordinated systemwide teams with occasions for open face-to-face discussion.