Keely Burghy

Recruiter - Central Region

I enjoy coming to work each day because I am challenged. I am challenged to find the perfect candidate for our roles, and I love how I am always learning new things from our candidates who have different skill sets and levels of experience. ”

Working at AEI is very rewarding in many ways. I feel great satisfaction when I find someone who is an ideal fit for AEI; they have the skills to develop a successful career here, are excited about the opportunity, and ultimately, this job may change their life. The positions I fill are very complex and strategic, so I take care to find the perfect candidate. When I do find someone, it’s a great day!

Keely Burghy joined AEI in 2019 as a recruiter in the Madison, WI office, and now she is the talent acquisition specialist. She believes there is something special about the Midwest – and has lived in Wisconsin her entire life, except for living in Seattle, WA, for a year. Keely works with AEI’s hiring managers to determine which skills, experiences, and passions they desire in their central region team members for a variety of positions. She enjoys being a part of a collaborative team and can easily manage multiple moving parts at once.

In her spare time, Keely enjoys spending time with her siblings (being the oldest of 6) and loves being outside and exercising with her dogs.

Keely is the recruiter for AEI's Denver, Kansas City, Chicago, Champaign, Madison, Austin, and Houston offices.