Amy Zelenka

Director of Marketing

Collaboration is more than a strategy — it's my ethos. I thrive on forging strong bonds with colleagues across various functions, fostering teamwork and empowering talent to flourish. My mission is simple: help our team shine by fostering a supportive, collaborative environment where everyone can thrive.”

Amy Zelenka's role at AEI revolves around harnessing her passion for crafting effective marketing strategies and creating authentic brand narratives to enhance awareness and engagement. She excels in translating these strategies into actionable plans aimed at connecting AEI's top-notch, award-winning talent with clients and partners, ultimately facilitating collaboration to address the world’s most complex engineering challenges.

Whether Amy is developing multi-year marketing plans and integrated campaigns, spearheading public relations initiatives, crafting brand/creative strategies, or leveraging innovative tools within the digital marketing ecosystem (such as website development, SEO/SEM, social media, CRM, and database marketing/automation), her focus remains on promoting AEI's mission to provide innovative, holistic engineering solutions that positively impact society and advance humankind.

Amy holds an MBA from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh and brings a wealth of experience from esteemed organizations such as Johnson Controls International and Jensen Hughes. She has successfully led marketing functions across diverse industries, including healthcare, restaurants, hospitality, mining, oil and gas, data centers, and transportation.

Outside of work, Amy embraces rural life in Northeastern Wisconsin, where she enjoys activities such as homesteading and preparing meals with her homegrown produce. Finding solace in nature and meditation, she shares her home with her husband and four beloved furry companions — two cats and two dogs.