Ken Brown

Director of Talent Acquisition

I am a product of the people who entrusted me to help shape and achieve their career goals and aspirations. Each day is an opportunity to connect, grow, and foster relationships that create the springboard for new possibilities. I continue to enjoy all the complexities involved in pursuing talent that will help shape the future of AEI and the world around us.”

With a commitment to embracing each day with a positive attitude, dedicated effort, and unwavering focus, Ken Brown brings over two decades of experience in agency and corporate technical talent acquisition. Throughout his career, Ken has held diverse roles in recruitment and talent acquisition within the AEC industry. His specialization lies in recruiting across a broad spectrum of technical domains, showcasing a business-savvy and results-driven approach to matching ideal talent with fitting opportunities. Motivated by a profound purpose, Ken is devoted to uniting hiring managers and candidates, assisting in AEI’s growth and success.

In his time away from the desk, Ken spends a lot of time at the lake as an avid fisherman. He enjoys traveling and exploring new destinations with his family and friends.