Sean Lawler


My first job after college was a volunteer science teacher in rural Ghana. One day while waiting for the passenger train after a school soccer match, a student of mine commented about the changing pitch the freight train made as it passed…”

…and correctly recalled the lesson on the doppler effect we covered a few months prior. I’ve always enjoyed sharing my engineering experiences and it is especially rewarding when you see others applying or benefiting from these as well. AEI gives me the daily opportunity to learn and share concepts within our company – as well as with building owners and operators and our design and construction partners.

Sean Lawler joined AEI in 2011 as a mechanical project engineer. After graduating from Purdue, Sean served overseas as an education volunteer in the Peace Corps and upon returning to the U.S. entered the automotive engineering market. After quickly realizing his true engineering passion was building systems, he obtained a master’s degree from the University of South Carolina with a focus in CFD analysis & thermodynamics. He then began his consulting career with a focus on historic preservations, museums, and performing arts centers but since joining AEI has primarily focused on healthcare and clinical research laboratories. His major projects as lead mechanical engineer have included the 640,000 sf BC Children’s Teck Acute Care Centre and the 490,000 sf Seattle Children’s Research Institute Building Cure. His mechanical design focuses have included advanced heat recovery, steam systems, fuel systems, and specialty exhaust systems. Sean has also been an active member of AEI’s Resilience+ initiative by co-authoring articles and speaking at conferences. As a project manager and engineer he has executed several projects using variations of integrated project delivery methods including shared design and design-assist.

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