Doha International Airport

New Airport Operations Center Audiovisual Design

Advanced audiovisual design supporting airport command and control center.

The Integrated Command and Control Center (ICCC) is a mission-critical facility essential for Doha International Airport operations. Accommodating 24/7 normal and emergency operations, the facility's audiovisual (AV) systems support all vital ICCC functions.


Doha, QA
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In addition to providing construction administration services — including shop drawing and equipment submittal review, review of manufacturer proof of concept testing, and system commissioning — AEI revised aspects of the AV system design to support user requirements and equipment changes in the ICCC, as well as AV systems in the situation room.

The facility includes the Airport Operation Center responsible for monitoring FIDS, security, computer systems, and other aspects of overall airport operations. A primary 9x13 video wall provides over 242 megapixels of display resolution, with the ability to revise image layouts as needed by the operations manager.

Video teleconferencing, divisible conference rooms, and airport manager and assistant manager conference room systems were also included in the project.

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