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5 tips to make the most of your engineering internship

Summer internships are starting just around the corner. Internships have become a must for college students; without the work experience they provide, the post-graduate job search is significantly more difficult. Nailing down that internship isn’t enough, you’ll want to gain valuable knowledge that will help you succeed in your career.

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Tip #5: Attend work social events.

By attending work social events, you will easily get a sense of the company culture. You want to work at a place that shares your values. Attending these social events is a great way to build connections with employees and other interns; creating a professional network that you can tap into for future opportunities.

Tip #4: Use all the tools available to you.

Try and familiarize yourself with the tools used across your discipline. Don’t shy away from learning a new tool. Although the usefulness of a tool may not be immediately apparent during your internship, an awareness of their capabilities and potential may lead to a solution in the future.

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A good habit to get into is recording everything you are working on.

Tip #3: Observe and record everything.

Write down all the projects, tasks, and activities you accomplish throughout the day. This will create a running log of accountability, a reference for information you may forget, and a catalog of topics to reflect on as you grow your career. You can also use the information to update your resume.

Tip #2: Connect with other interns.

Consider other interns to be an essential part of your professional network. They offer different educational perspectives and might have good advice about living in other parts of the country. Last year our Madison interns participate in a program that features social events, seminars, and project tours. Here’s what they say about their experience.

Everybody is always learning in our industry, so don't be nervous if you have questions. Watch and learn what our interns found to be their most valuable lessons.

Tip #1: Do not hesitate to ask questions.

It’s all about learning. Spend time working on understanding. Asking questions can help you avoid mistakes and helps you understand the task given to you. It also shows you are willing to learn and not afraid to approach new challenges.

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