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AEI Building Performance Expert Megan Gunther Speaks at Getting to Zero Forum

Did you know that buildings currently represent 39 percent of the global carbon footprint?

With the goal of transforming built environments and creating a clean energy future, the New Buildings Institute's Getting to Zero Forum provides an engaging platform for educating, collaborating, and sparking action around global decarbonization goals.

Joining a diverse panel of fellow industry experts at last fall’s event, AEI Building Performance Manager Megan (Gunther) Hardman spoke on overcoming the hurdles associated with laboratory electrification. Often characterized by heavy equipment and process loads to stringent temperature and humidity control, laboratory facilities are widely recognized for their high energy use and increased carbon emissions.

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Megan speaking at the Getting to Zero Forum in New York City, New York.

As global leaders continue prioritizing climate change action and decarbonization efforts — and building owners face ever-increasing regulatory requirements — adapting traditional laboratory design will be integral to ensuring future progress. Throughout the session, Megan highlighted innovative solutions, emerging technologies, and modern best practices for carefully achieving owner requirements while creating highly sustainable scientific environments.

Please note this presentation was originally shared on the 2021 Getting to Zero Forum website.

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