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Expert Insights into Campus Decarbonization from AEI Building Performance Practice Leader

Today, campus property owners grapple with a multitude of codes and regulations, necessitating a holistic approach to decarbonizing campus buildings and infrastructure.

In Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce’s Sustainable Building & Design special, AEI Seattle’s Building Performance Practice Leader Lyle Keck delves into a crucial component of decarbonization – operational energy use. 

In his article, “A Primer on Campus Decarbonization in Washington,” Lyle provides expert insights into the complex process of transitioning campus infrastructure from fossil fuels to sustainable energy sources. 

The article outlines campus decarbonization project delivery – covering all phases from planning and implementation to design and execution. Additionally, it discusses strategic approaches, breaking down the steam-to-hot-water transition into three domains: building conversion, distribution network, and central plant equipment.

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