How am I supposed to read that?

How large does an image need to be for someone at the end of the conference table or the back row of the auditorium to read and comprehend what’s shown on the display? AVIXA, the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association, has released a standard for image sizing that provides a tool to answer those questions. But what is the best way to convey that information early in the project, when it will have the most impact?


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Audio Visual Standards demonstrated with Virtual Reality.

Thom Mullins, director of AV systems for Affiliated Engineers, Inc. and the committee chair for AVIXA’s Standards Steering Committee, has blended the standard with 3D design and rendering software and with VR to create virtual visualization environments that show the impacts of those decisions. Along with the Interior Design Studio of ZGF’s Seattle office, Thom has created navigable virtual meeting spaces that enable the consultant, the designer, the architect, the technical manager, or the end user to examine legibility from different distances and viewing angles, and learn how to apply the standards to effectively translate between the virtual and real environments.

A Standards Limerick by Thom Mullins.

InfoComm 2018 attendees can try out this VR experience throughout the conference at the Westgate Hotel – Las Vegas: Paradise Event Center Foyer.

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