Bruce McLay

Managing Director - Portland

Engineering is about finding a better way of doing something. It's the profession of not being satisfied. We're constantly looking for the next ’better way.’”

Bruce McLay has served as mechanical project engineer and project manager on a variety of Affiliated Engineers’ most technically complex facilities. His experience, spanning both new construction and renovation, includes HVAC systems design, central heating and cooling plants, utility distribution, cold regions engineering, and energy management and controls. Bruce has extensive research facility experience, which encompasses both basic and applied research, life sciences, containment, and the design for requisite support utilities. His experience includes mechanical design with laminar flow, close control of humidity and temperature, supply and exhaust filtering, and special attention to air pressure balance and control. Bruce’s experience also includes wide-ranging healthcare work in the US and Canada.

Bruce has been integrally involved with the application of new technologies to building designs, including chilled beams in healthcare and research environments, phase change materials, enhanced natural ventilation, high-performance fume hood exhaust systems, and such efficient and optimized central plant designs as the effective integration of heat recovery chillers into larger heating and cooling plants.