Gregg Arnold

Director of Business Development - Los Angeles

Throughout my career in the AEC industry, I often find that most individuals and companies do not fully understand the function of business development and marketing. It is often misinterpreted with sales. Business Development is vital for aspiring firms as it derives long-lasting value from clients, markets, and relationships.”

Gregg Arnold brings over 20 years of AEC industry experience. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from the University of the Pacific, Gregg currently serves as the director of business development for AEI's Los Angeles office. His expertise lies in client acquisition and retention, servant leadership, and revenue generation. He excels in marketing management, communication, and cross-functional team leadership, assisting him in developing meaningful industry partnerships and relationships.

In addition to his core skills, Gregg strategically approaches business development, leveraging his process development and procedural protocol knowledge to streamline operations. With a passion for coaching and mentoring his team members, Gregg is committed to ensuring team morale and workplace satisfaction. His diverse experiences and unwavering dedication stand as a driving force in AEI’s continued success.

In his free time, Gregg enjoys spending time with his dog, Mavrik, teeing off on golf courses, traveling to new destinations, and cherishing quality moments with his family.