Denise Allen

Director of Business Development - Phoenix

People work with those they appreciate and trust. I aspire to add value, build trust, and forge lasting relationships with clients and partners. ”

Business development aligns seamlessly with my personality. I strive to think creatively and strategically while preserving authenticity and sincerity. I enjoy meeting people and bringing value to each interaction. I love to drive around, see the projects I assisted on, and feel the connection to the built environment, knowing the people who worked on the facilities. Although I did not design or physically construct them, maybe I fostered a relationship with the clients and partners involved.

Denise has a Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education from Arizona State University and equates that to her role with AEI as selling ideas and generating buy-in. Before joining AEI, Denise refined her strategic relationship skills and customer relationship management through various pivotal business development positions within the AEC industry.

In her free time, Denise enjoys cooking, entertaining, and traveling. She loves spending time with her two kids, her husband (who is also an AEC industry professional), and their two dogs.