John Chyz

Director of Business Development - Florida

When inspiration and innovation collide and coalesce into engineered solutions, there is a spark of that magic that empowers us to collaborate, evolve, and refine. The questions that drive us give rise to the solutions that inspire us to always do more for our clients.”

John Chyz is a sustainable and wellness strategy specialist and director of business development with AEI. His directed focus on energy, water, wellness, resilience, and optimized operations of AEI's diverse and specialized client base has helped advance and deliver market development and transformation strategy, increasing stakeholder value, protecting natural resources, and enhancing human health.

Passionate about sustainable thought leadership, John began his career as a research engineer at the Natural Energy Laboratory, where he designed and conducted experiments to understand how to grow beneficial bio-fuel products from gasses that would otherwise contribute to global warming. He later transitioned to engineering, procuring, and constructing renewable energy systems for commercial and residential projects. Throughout his career, John has remained dedicated to the strategic planning of actionable solutions that reside at the intersection of health, innovation, and sustainability.

Holding a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Yale University, he has taught the Learning to LEED, Commissioning for High-Performance Green Buildings, and Green Building Fundamentals for the Green Globes Professional curricula for the University of Florida. Additionally, John was a contributing author to Sustainable Construction: Green Building Design and Delivery (Third Edition).