Jason Atkisson


I'm the son of a fourth-generation plumber/pipefitter. During high school, I worked for my father's company. One extremely hot and humid July afternoon, my father and I were in 3'6" x 3'6" perimeter utility tunnel, hand threading 3" steel steam piping. My father looked at me and said, ‘Son, go to college.’”

I took his advice, but I just couldn't bring myself to leave the mechanical industry. So here I am, designing the same systems I used to install.

Jason Atkisson’s career has spanned MEP/FP systems design, detailed project planning, organizational management, development of technical staff, and project management and leadership. A technically focused project manager primarily serving in the Higher Education and Science & Technology markets, Jason has specific expertise in hydronic and steam systems and high-performance laboratory design, including the design of numerous highly stable laser/optic laboratory environments. He is actively involved with ASHRAE serving on multiple technical committees, writing and editing several handbook chapters, and fulfilling a variety of leadership positions.

Jason’s project work includes research facilities for the University of Kansas, University of Wisconsin, University of Iowa, and Caltech’s Tianqiao & Chrissy Chen Institute for Neuroscience. He has contributed to and led a host of research lab project for the University of Chicago, including the William Eckhardt Research Center, where he successfully included exceptionally precise laser laboratories that were added after completion.

Outside of his work at AEI, Jason continues his involvement in ASHRAE with technical committee memberships including TC 6.1 Hydronic & Steam Heating Equipment & Systems (chair), TC 7.1 Integrated Building Design, TC 9.7 Education Facilities, and TC 9.10 Laboratory Systems.