Kwongyee Yeong


What keeps me motivated since joining AEI is every project is impactful and unique, offering different dimensions of collaboration, exploration, and solution. If one embraces and manages the process with a positive and professional attitude (something that AEI taught me well), the outcome is always identical – successful projects with happy clients – something that we strive to achieve consistently.”

Kwongyee Yeong has been an integral part of AEI since joining as an entry-level mechanical engineer in the Madison office in 2001. With both a Master's and Bachelor of Science degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Oklahoma, Kwongyee has cultivated a distinguished career with AEI. His focus centers on planning and designing large-scale, energy-efficient, and sustainable mechanical systems, particularly in healthcare and medical research buildings. Kwongyee leads mechanical teams through design completions and construction documentation, ensuring cross-disciplined collaboration, quality service, and adherence to client standards.

As a seasoned industry leader, Kwongyee excels in healthcare facilities engineering and energy and utilities design. His strategic thinking and effective planning have consistently integrated innovative solutions crucial to the long-term operational success of facilities, emphasizing systems reliability, energy efficiency, and maintainability.

In 2022, Kwongyee made a pivotal move to Austin, Texas, contributing significantly to the launch of AEI’s Austin office in 2023. Providing project management and serving as lead engineer, he also focuses on expanding AEI’s presence in central and north Texas, fostering collaborative and trusted client relationships.

Outside of work, Kwongyee loves to travel and explore different parts of the country and world, experiencing diverse cultures, enjoying local food, and spending quality time with his family.