Modine Manufacturing Company

Purified Hydrogen Generator Design

Bridge Technology for Hydrogen Vehicle Fueling

Modine Manufacturing Company, a subsidiary of Chevron, prioritized supporting fuel cell vehicle use with distributed energy stations to increase the efficiency and reduce the cost and complexity of safe hydrogen generation. Affiliated Engineers provided technology modeling, controls design, and commissioning for viability testing of Modine’s Advanced Steam Methane Reformer Pure Hydrogen Generator (PHG). The PHG produces extremely high purity hydrogen, integrating exothermic/endothermic reactions within a manufacturable skidded technology.


Racine, WI


  • ACS, Inc. - Construction Manager
  • Flad Architects - Architect of Record
pure Hydrogen

Existing natural gas infrastructure has the capacity to accommodate such alternative energy solutions as hydrogen as a transportation fuel source. Through reformation of natural gas, the PHG unit produces high purity hydrogen on a small scale that can be deployed for onsite hydrogen generation at a refueling station for fuel cell vehicles.

Place at northern test location to generate hydrogen for vehicle fueling

Control panel during factory acceptance testing

Affiliated Engineers created the PHG equipment layout and fabrication drawings to enable H2 production in a compact space, preserving maintenance access and meeting (US) National Electrical Code hazardous separation requirements and Canadian Standards Association requirements. Commissioning included complete circuit pressure decay monitoring.

Modine Manufacturing Company, a worldwide leader in thermal management - designs, engineers, tests and manufactures heat transfer products for a wide range of applications and markets including vehicle makers and commercial equipment manufacturers.

Design progress isometric – creating a separation wall for general purpose equipment versus electrically classified production area.