Bryan Haddon


The most exciting thing about being an engineer is that our efforts make a difference in people’s lives. Every day, I’m inspired by how the application of fundamental scientific principles makes manufacturing processes more efficient, cleaner, environmentally friendly, and simply better.”

Bryan graduated with a chemical engineering degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and immediately leaped into the vast world of chemical and biotechnology processes. Starting in consulting engineering, Bryan spent his formative years designing a variety of chemical processes for agrichemicals, novel biological processes, and alternative energy technologies, including technical assistance at several plant start-ups in China.

He helped commercialize the first scaled-up hydrochlorination polysilicon production processes by designing key aspects of the reactors and distillation systems, as well as creating a novel heat recovery system that reduced overall energy consumption by over 60%, significantly reducing costs of commercial solar panel production.

At AEI, Bryan has made significant contributions to the process engineering practice in the design of facilities for cell therapy, vaccines, and specialty chemical production. Outside of work, he is a keen adventurer and can be found hiking or skiing through the woods or climbing the nearest cliff face.