Kevin Jayne

Project Manager

Our work is about not only building projects, but relationships as well.  Collaboration is the key to unlocking the full potential of a team, and I enjoy the challenge of bringing together diverse skill sets, perspectives, and experiences to successfully deliver complex projects.  ”

Kevin began his career with AEI as an intern in 2007, joining full time after graduating from the University of Wisconsin. He’s enjoyed experiences contributing on project work across each of AEI’s core market sectors, eventually narrowing his focus primarily to healthcare; he is drawn to the balance of scale, complexity, function, and collaboration required of modern hospital projects.

In 2016, he was invited to pursue growth plans for the Colorado market, relocating from Madison as a founding member of the Denver office. Kevin now leads its healthcare practice, embracing opportunities to grow the office and mentor junior staff alongside his commitment to delivering projects up and down the Colorado Front Range.

Kevin prioritizes his project team’s communication, promoting a flow of information allowing for all members to feel invested. As our complex projects of scale often span a period of many years, he believes that team building is key for effective collaboration, overcoming project challenges, and ensuring the group’s collective success.