Jeremy Jones


I am extremely fortunate to have worked in hospital design for my entire career.  There is a great satisfaction that comes from finding out someone you know had surgery, recovered from an illness, or gave birth in a space that you helped design and make safe.  I am proud to work with so many other dedicated and talented professionals at AEI.”

Jeremy Jones, PE, EDAC, LEED® AP, has worked solely in healthcare design for his 20-year career, allowing for a deep understanding of our clients’ needs in the Healthcare market. Jeremy graduated from Texas A&M University in 2000. Since joining AEI in 2010, Jeremy’s major client include Houston Methodist, Duke Health and Cone Health, among many others. He has presented at national healthcare conferences on IPD contracting and design approaches, as well as on performance and clinical data collected on new healthcare HVAC technologies. He has also written multiple articles in industry publications on MEP trends in healthcare, project contracting methods and HVAC innovation. Jeremy transferred to the Chapel Hill office in 2012. He currently shares leadership of AEI’s National Healthcare Market Leader group, who meets together multiple times a year to share knowledge and strengthen our internal communication, as well as our understanding of the national healthcare climate and market drivers.