Matt Koukl


Being able to support some of the largest technology companies in the world is a privilege. Being able to advance the systems and technologies that support our daily lives is an achievement of a lifetime.”

I’ve been deeply into math and technology from a very young age, but I discovered that I wanted to study electrical engineering on a fishing trip with my dad and one of his pals. It’s a long drive to Toledo Bend Reservoir in East Texas, and my dad’s friend talked about an integrated circuit design problem he was stuck on for most of it. The drive went by in a flash – I was hooked. Having a passion for computers, my later discovery that there are large facilities filled with them closed the deal.

Matt Koukl has been in the HVAC and data center industry for over 10 years. He has traveled throughout the United States and internationally, supporting the design, construction, and commissioning of data centers. Matt is an active participant in multiple professional organizations and is a voting member of ASHRAE 90.4, a corresponding member of ASHRAE TC9.9, and Treasurer of the Wisconsin chapter of AFCOM. Leading and managing such projects as Idaho National Labs Collaborative Computing Center and Cybercore Integration facility has exemplified how cutting-edge technology and evolutionary ideas can be applied to dynamic building systems.