Laura Maddux

Department Facilitator

The projects we work on have a direct impact on people’s lives. Whether we are designing a children’s hospital or a biomedical research lab - the engineering behind the projects might not be the first thing people see - but it essential to the success of the project and contributes directly to the betterment of society.”

When Laura started at AEI, she quickly adapted to projects of larger scale and technical complexity from across the globe – throughout Europe, Middle East, and the United States – and all the different voltages, power distribution systems, and codes that came with it. Her project work encompasses markets such as healthcare, science and technology with an emphasis on laboratories, higher education, and government. Laura has gained specific expertise in the healthcare industry, having provided designs for specialty clinics and large-scale hospitals where reliability is critical and patient and staff safety is of the utmost importance. In the AEI Houston office, she serves as department facilitator as well as lead engineer.

Laura’s project work at AEI has included several large scale healthcare and research projects including Houston Methodist Hospital – Walter Tower, Houston Methodist Hospital – Centennial Tower, and Northwestern University – SQBRC.

Outside of work, she is a very engaged mom of four sons. She enjoys taking walks with them through the state forest, watching movies, putting together puzzles, and playing dominos. Her oldest son is also a beekeeper, and she helps with honey harvesting. She and her family love to take road trips and have been to all 50 states.