Mike Medrzycki

Director of Business Development - Seattle

There is no better exercise for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.”

Mike Medrzycki is AEI's Director of Business Development for the Seattle-Portland offices and possesses 30+ years of accomplished experience in high-dollar, high-profile executive sales and marketing leadership. Having built multiple business development departments, he has an established reputation for repeatedly creating millions of dollars in revenue. Mike is exceptional at discovering customers' true needs using a deep level of empathy and aligning their goals with novel solutions provided by technical colleagues. His ability to access and influence key decision-makers with large potential clients in a multitude of industries makes him a key asset.

Mike seeks to create transformational change by molding AEI’s culture into a client-focused, market-driven firm. He believes developing, coaching, and mentoring technical professionals into best-in-class, doer-seller leaders will be the ultimate accomplishment to sunset his career.