Kristi Matthews

Director of Business Development - Chapel Hill

Find your passion, keep learning, and, most importantly, show up! You never know what opportunities you may uncover.”

In 1999, at Appalachian State University, Kristi learned that 40% of our country's energy usage is through buildings. That fact spurred an interest and goal for Kristi to achieve a career in high-performance buildings and make an impact. After earning her bachelor’s degree in renewable energy and building science at Appalachian University, Kristi entered the workforce in a technical role, modeling homes for national high-performance building programs, such as Energy Star® and Environments For Living®. Over time, Kristi pursued project management and account management and eventually landed a business development role for the organization, managing utility account relationships and helping electric utilities with their energy efficiency program design and local workforce development.

In recent years, Kristi broadened her knowledge of electric cooperatives and clean energy policy by serving as the director of business development at the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association and then as the director of development for the North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association.

Through these various experiences, Kristi created a vast network of professionals and a technical, business, and policy understanding of the built environment. Kristi joined AEI in February 2023, ready to work directly with a company known for its innovative projects and its talented people, devoted to positively impacting our society and environment.

In her personal time, Kristi enjoys being with her family, friends, and dogs. She loves the mountains, hiking, kayaking, skiing, and sitting on the porch with a good cup of coffee and a great book.