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AEI’s Robin Graves Published in ASHRAE Journal for Groundbreaking Project Innovation

AEI Madison’s Lead Mechanical Engineer, Robin Graves, authored an article published in the ASHRAE Journal’s June 2024 issue titled “Balancing Occupant Comfort with Research Innovation.”

In honor of Promega Corporation’s Kornberg Center winning the 2024 ASHRAE First Place Technology Award, this article serves as a detailed case study of the intricate design behind this three-story, 280,000-square-foot research and development facility. Robin explores how the facility’s design prioritizes occupant well-being and experience, air quality, building performance, and energy conservation. The piece highlights cutting-edge systems and features such as a double skin façade, active chilled beams, a geothermal system, and more, showcasing the innovative elements that contribute to the facility’s success.

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