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Assessing COVID-19 Impacts in Building Design

While COVID-19 affected most markets worldwide, assessing its impact in healthcare facility design presents unique opportunities to apply the many lessons learned into optimized engineered systems — reimagined structures that could potentially mitigate future pandemics.

Consulting-Specifying Engineer’s recent article, featuring AEI’s Sean Lawler, PE, LEED AP — Principal and Project Manager representing our Seattle practice — explores how COVID-19 affected engineering professionals and their associated designs of mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection systems across a wide range of facility types.

As the world gradually enters a new, post-COVID era, building owners have an opportunity to rethink traditional building design strategies, including infrastructure and equipment. Implementing advanced filtration and ventilation systems, for example, could optimize indoor air quality and offset the need for large-scale, rapid reconfigurations and potential staff displacement.

Discover the latest insights on the pandemic’s impacts in the AEC industry, as well as engineering solutions that could help mitigate future surges in the full article linked below.

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