Aaron Wickersham


The need for energy efficiency has accelerated over the last decade and I am fortunate enough to be at the leading edge of Combined Heat and Power analysis. I’m able to help institutions realize their goals to produce power and thermal energy efficiently while also reducing greenhouse emissions.”

I believe what sets Affiliated Engineers apart from other companies doing the same work is our decades of experience and the relationships we have forged with the people we serve. From our engineers, commissioners, planners, project managers, and BIM operators, to the customer’s plant supervisors, architects, engineers and construction workers, we have worked side-by-side to build imperative infrastructure resulting in sustainable infrastructure for some of the largest institutions in America. These are complex projects, and reliability in the engineering and the people that build the system are tantamount to their success.

Aaron Wickersham joined Affiliated Engineers in 2012 with extensive experience in the planning and design of mechanical systems serving institutional, federal, and industrial buildings and campuses. He has completed utility master plans that include the optimization of steam, hot water, and chilled water generation and distribution systems through detailed heat balance, life cycle cost, and hydraulic modeling programs. Some of his notable projects have been for the Architect of the Capitol in Washington, DC, Johns Hopkins, NIH, Penn State, UVA, the University of Maryland, NC State, and other universities and colleges in the Northeast. He also performs building-focused energy assessments and HVAC evaluations.

Since the 2012 White House Executive Order, Accelerating Investment in Industrial Energy Efficiency, Aaron has led the analysis, development, and construction of CHP systems that are now producing 20 MW of electric power and 225,000 PPH of steam, collectively reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 37,400 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year.