Mike Fialkowski


I have always been motivated to improve how people interact with the world around them. From a young age, I took things (fans, radios, computers) apart, both to understand how they worked and find ways to make them work better. AEI provides the opportunity to work with new teams and technologies, satisfying that inner need to ‘make things better.’   ”

Technology can’t be implemented as a one-size-fits-all solution. It is critical that, as part of AEI’s technology team, I understand what is already active and architect a plan to ensure building technology is enabling the future.

Mike Fialkowski joined AEI’s Technology Services team in 2003 with an education in electrical/communications engineering. Since then, his career has involved bringing technology to the built environment across AEI’s markets. From academic research at KAUST to national labs at NBAF to healthcare at UW Health, he has comprehensive knowledge of how technology can enhance care, comfort, and operations.

His recent focus on healthcare projects, from small clinics to academic medical centers, helps AEI design the unique systems necessary to provide the best patient care facilities. Clients often commission him to assist in their strategic planning efforts, acting as a trusted partner in understanding their operational and clinical needs, recommending innovative solutions, and providing leadership throughout the implementation process.

For over 20 years, Mike’s leadership has advanced technology teams, enabling them to understand available solutions, develop plans for implementation, and employ precise technology consultancy. He is considered a national expert in clinical communications, wired/wireless infrastructures, collaborative audio-visual solutions, integration of information/operational technologies, and safety/security technology planning. This knowledge and experience enable the AEI team to continue as best-in-class consultants.