Sanjyot Bhusari


AEI gave me the flexibility and the opportunity to pursue my passions and create my own career path. Working with sophisticated clients on complex projects has allowed me to learn and grow. Solving problems for our clients excites me the most.”

A nationally recognized leader in the design of smart buildings, enterprise building management systems, and control technologies, Sanjyot Bhusari began his career at AEI in 2002, working on the design of complex laboratory and institutional facilities. Through years of ongoing consulting with higher education and healthcare clients, Sanjyot developed a specialization in building controls and energy management. Scrutinizing the performance of projects in these markets, he identified significant shortcomings in owners' abilities to sustain improved building energy performance, which he then explored through longstanding relationships with facility managers and operators. Ultimately, he created a holistic approach to energy optimization that became the foundation of AEI’s Intelligent Buildings practice, which he leads across the AEI system.