Ben Bradley


I initially pursued engineering with a desire to understand how things work but quickly realized that understanding was not a fixed point to be attained. At AEI, every day is ripe with opportunities to learn something new.”

From my early days as a teenager — taking apart everything from alarm clocks to desktop computers, audio amplifiers, and synthesizers — I have been driven by a desire to understand how things work and identify ways to make them better. This curiosity has served me well throughout my professional career, which is evident in a wide range of project types and satisfied clients.

Ben Bradley joined AEI's Chapel Hill office in 2000, shortly after graduating from Clemson University. His earliest projects involved higher education and research laboratory facilities for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University. Ben quickly developed expertise in electrical engineering, specifically in power systems analysis and design strategies for mitigating power quality issues. These projects provided an opportunity for Ben to advance AEI's local capabilities in technology consulting, such as structured cabling and access control systems.

Since then, Ben has continued expanding his project footprint, supporting energy and utility efforts featuring medium voltage distribution systems and central utility infrastructure and collaborating with AEI's healthcare group on significant hospital expansions and complex renovations of critical facilities. Offering a broad range of experience and expertise, Ben also co-leads the firm's Electrical Company-Wide team (CWT), facilitating continuous improvement across AEI's instruments of service.