Battery Testing & Storage

AEI’s experience in the esoteric aspects of battery testing and manufacturing allows for both an integrated design solution and a lean team. By way of its more than 5,000 automotive test cells, AEI has been engineer of record for several industry firsts. In 2001, AEI integrated serial number 1 of battery emulator industry leader, Aerovironment, into Allison Transmission’s Eagle Creek Test Center. In 2009, at the National Renewable Energy Lab, Energy Systems Innovation Facility (NREL ESIF) project in Golden, Colorado, AEI co-authored the first DC Arc Flash study.

In addition to its automotive resume, AEI has also designed several directly relevant physical sciences laboratories. Pursuant to programmatic needs, AEI has designed systems of 1000V, 1500V, and 3000-4000V. The trend towards electrification and decarbonization have presented an opportunity for increasingly cost-effective deployment of battery storage systems.

Often utilized for utility rate arbitrage (mostly focused on peak demand reduction and off-peak power purchasing), these systems become increasingly important for effective implementation of all-electric buildings, all-electric campus utilities, and large-scale EV charging systems. They can be leveraged to minimize carbon emissions by importing and storing grid power during periods of the day with the lowest carbon emissions factors.

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