Building Performance Analysis

High-performance design seeks to cost-effectively optimize energy and water use, achieve excellence in occupant experience, mitigate climate impacts while adapting to climate change, and provide for resilience and flexibility over the life a building. AEI’s Building Performance Practice provides a breadth of high-performance building consulting and analysis services to advance project outcomes integrating architecture, landscape, and engineering design.

Out of the box thinking coupled with technical analysis prior to design, maximizes the inventory of sustainable opportunities and yields holistic solutions for unique programs and specific bioclimates, from design to construction to operation. We apply whole building energy modeling – often supported by economic analysis, in-depth life cycle cost and total cost of ownership analyses – to new buildings and renovation projects for design optimization, code compliance and rating system verification, and as part of energy audits and utility incentive programs. Our Building Performance consultants and analysts are dedicated to providing broader sustainability leadership and are active participants in industry research.