Security Consulting

Our security consultants provide security guidance and proactive protection of people, structures and assets for owners, security directors, developers, and property managers globally. AEI provides risk management, loss prevention, technical design, and comprehensive solutions to minimize the potential for loss.

AEI’s only bias is to its clients and their needs, we are not affiliated in any way to any service or manufacturer. Built on decades of trust, AEI is a collaborative partner that understands the business decisions around risk and cost effective controls to minimize organizational exposure. We are approachable, accountable, and responsive to our client’s needs. We stay ahead of technological and architectural best practices for our client’s projects, so our clients don’t have to. The best way to articulate AEI's value is by contacting our client references as they can attest to our communication, quality, design, and overall support and guidance.

Security Consulting Services

We collaborate with our clients on operational, technical and the interface of architectural/physical security design to minimize the potential for workplace violence, theft, espionage, compromise of critical assets, and other threats that may impact our client’s organization or assets. We can do this through a robust analysis of threats and exposures, inclusive of man-made and natural events, to promote overall organizational resilience.

Guidance, Planning, and Analysis

AEI offers thought leadership and leans in on organizational security challenges. From problem to solution, AEI illuminates introspective methods to ascertain and visualize areas in dynamic and cost-effective creative ways. AEI provides a host of services for high-worth individuals to Fortune 500 companies, and everything between – including AEI’s vertical focus on healthcare, life sciences, and educational environments. We offer guidance in the following areas:

Security Planning

From inception to conclusion, AEI supports a range of services for all project types, that may include:

  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) Incorporating CPTED in a built environment is key. As an example, during the early engagement of the programming of an infant protection area, AEI provides significant value to project teams by integrating security principles to support usability and adaptation to future threats in a frictionless way.
  • Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP) Design From roadway planning to perimeter design, AEI provides all consulting trades to support the technology and hardscape improvement for the most rigorous of AT/FP designs.

Security Assessment

To validate vulnerabilities, our security team performs targeted workplace violence and vulnerability/threat assessments, surveys and audits, which can be combined with surreptitious/red vs blue team entry exercises. Through programmatic vulnerability and overall threat assessments, AEI is able to gauge resilience for both new and existing facilities. AEI also performs third-party reviews for newly-constructed buildings for facility owners looking for a second opinion on their proposed security implementation.

Big Data/Benchmarking & Trending

    Through benchmarking and organizational analysis, AEI provides big-data to understand the perception and operation of a program, and supports the easy/succinct conveyance and transfer of large amounts of information to support budget asks. This information can include foreseeability, crime analysis, police calls for service, and any type of resilience trending.

        Security Technology & Analysis

        We help clients understand, plan, and budget for the next decade of technology by supplying security technology evaluation and procurement assistance. Throughout the process, our internal cost estimating team presents accurate feasibility and project costs for small and large project teams. Inclusive of hard and soft costs relating to real estate consolidation and staffing re-deployment, AEI also can support control center planning, analysis, and estimating along with electronic door hardware reviews and consulting.

        Virtual Security/On-call services

        Our security team also provides project management; policies, procedures, and standards development; emergency preparedness; and fully customized training – from awareness to de-escalation, delivered via video or in person with dynamic and engaging speakers.

        If you have a question, please reach out to:

        Contact Sean Ahrens

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