Power Distribution, Generation & Delivery

We specialize in power generation and distribution for utilities, energy developers, and private clients. We provide consulting, modeling, design, start-up assistance, and commissioning for power generating facility, substations, HVDC systems as well as DER including cogeneration, battery storage, PV, fuel cells with utility interconnect.

We also provide expertise in LV/MV/HV power, DER, microgrids, SCADA, power modeling, relaying and protection, overhead/underground distribution, generator plants, solar photovoltaic, cogeneration, fuel cells, and DC distribution as showcased through projects as such University of Wisconsin-Madison's West Campus Cogeneration Facility, National Aeronautics and Space Administration - Cogeneration (Combined Heat and Power) System, and The University of Texas Medical Branch - Hurricane Ike Infrastructure Recovery and Resiliency Projects.

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